Project 2: Time and time-based media

Exercise 2, continued: Interpreting Video Art - Still Life, 2001, Sam Taylor-Johnson A written interpretation:  Taylor-Johnson’s Still Life offers the viewer a twist on a classic scene. Instead of “immortalising" a platter of ripe fruit on canvas, Taylor-Johnson uses 35 mm. film to capture the gradual decay of these fruits over time. Save the… Continue reading Project 2: Time and time-based media


Project 1: Art & Ideas

Exercise 5: Finding out more I used the Bridgeman Education Library (BEL) to find a couple still life/nature morte paintings (with fish) that appealed to me. I am far more interested in representations of people, bodies and emotion in art, so still life paintings, and the "dead" worlds they often depict don't appeal to me.… Continue reading Project 1: Art & Ideas