Introduction to Creative Reading

I'm really looking forward to this section of the course as I love thinking about the way language and words operate, surprise us, evolve over time and in (or out of) context. I read (or listen to audio versions of) many different literary genres and forms, and I also spend a lot of time writing.… Continue reading Introduction to Creative Reading


Assignment One: Reflection on feedback

I received formative feedback on my first assignment and was asked to reflect on Dr. Rees' comments and suggestions. I've organized my thinking according to the sections in the feedback form. Overall comments The overall comments were encouraging and acknowledged the work I put into my first assignment. I articulated my intention to work towards… Continue reading Assignment One: Reflection on feedback

Project 2: Time and time-based media

Exercise 1 continued: Jem Finer's Longplayer, a written interpretation Jem Finer's Longplayer is a 1000-year musical composition that examines our relationship to time. The installation is based in London but the music it produces is accessible worldwide. The composition was written for singing bowls which can be played by both humans and, in the case… Continue reading Project 2: Time and time-based media

Just for fun: A wish in the fountain

This is an addendum to my last post and is just a light riff on the Duchamp theme. Although I don't particularly enjoy Fountain, both within and apart from this course, it always provokes an emotional response and is no doubt a fair jumping-off point for thinking about art's evolution over time. It’s 2017, and… Continue reading Just for fun: A wish in the fountain