Sally Mann at the National Gallery of Art

In late March, I had the opportunity to see the Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings exhibition at the National Gallery of Art. I've been following Mann's work for several years off and on, but I find it incredibly beautiful and moving. It's been interesting to read about the different responses to the changing themes of her… Continue reading Sally Mann at the National Gallery of Art


Peter Hujar at Morgan Library

I went to the Peter Hujar: Speed of Life exposition at the same time as I was working on the photography section of CAT 1. This was a post-humous retrospective of the artist's work; Hujar died young of AIDS-related complications. The following video was included on the Morgan Library & Museum's website, offering context for… Continue reading Peter Hujar at Morgan Library

Toyin Ojih Odutola at the Whitney Museum

I recently went to the Whitney Museum.  In about two hours, my husband and I walked through most of the gallery spaces, viewing (but not necessarily getting a full, focused experience of any of) the temporary and permanent collections. In a discreet gallery on the ground floor, there was an all-access (free) exhibition, To Wander… Continue reading Toyin Ojih Odutola at the Whitney Museum

Simone Shubuck at Wifey

Simone Shubuck's artwork [accessed 21 Jan 18] entered my visual universe thanks to a wonderful pop-up cafe / work space (at the time, it was called Wifey, part of a larger creative concept entirely Shubuck's design) I discovered around the time we moved to Brooklyn. Her initial collaboration with the space has terminated, so I no… Continue reading Simone Shubuck at Wifey

“Drawn to Greatness” at the Morgan Library and Museum

I recently checked out the "Drawn to Greatness: Master Drawings from the Thaw Collection" at the Morgan Library and Museum, in Manhattan. The exhibition is (incompletely) viewable online [accessed 08/11/17] I really enjoyed this show, which is focused on the drawing (defined loosely) of major (European) painters from the Renaissance to the modern era. What… Continue reading “Drawn to Greatness” at the Morgan Library and Museum

Jesse Gassongo-Alexander’s “Bloom” at Galerie Chappe

I recently checked out a multiple-artist exposition prepared as an accompaniment to a short coming-of-age film by London's Jesse Gassongo-Alexander (and sponsored/presented by Deli Paris Club and the magazine Paulette). I am often drawn to figurative representations of women and interpretations of femininity, which is what compelled me to step inside the gallery in the… Continue reading Jesse Gassongo-Alexander’s “Bloom” at Galerie Chappe

Virginie Roux-Cassé at Galerie Chappe

Personal notes, with reference to course themes of time and/or place: Recently, I visited a small exposition by French visual artist Virginie Roux-Cassé [accessed 20/07/2017] at Galerie Chappe. The exposition, "Eau fil de l'Eau" (a play on words from a phrase meaning "continuous flow" or "with the flow") comprised a series of medium to large-scale… Continue reading Virginie Roux-Cassé at Galerie Chappe

Charlotte Salvanès at Galerie Mariska Hammoudi

Personal notes, with reference to course themes, on Salvanès' recent exposition: Everyday Life in a Happy Family Recently, I visited a small gallery in my neighbourhood. I had walked by as they were setting up the exposition and felt drawn to the work I saw, which felt distinctly maternal, feminine, familiar to me. Indeed, the… Continue reading Charlotte Salvanès at Galerie Mariska Hammoudi