Project 2: The Hero’s Journey

I began this project taking notes in my learning log. Aristotle's basic template led to more elaborate ones, some variations of which are taught in school (for example, Freytag's plot pyramid). Joseph Campbell's Monomyth (summarized on Wikipedia here) was handily simplified for movie writing (but can also be applied to storytelling in general) by Christopher… Continue reading Project 2: The Hero’s Journey


Charlotte Salvanès at Galerie Mariska Hammoudi

Personal notes, with reference to course themes, on Salvanès' recent exposition: Everyday Life in a Happy Family Recently, I visited a small gallery in my neighbourhood. I had walked by as they were setting up the exposition and felt drawn to the work I saw, which felt distinctly maternal, feminine, familiar to me. Indeed, the… Continue reading Charlotte Salvanès at Galerie Mariska Hammoudi

Project 3: Place in Art

Research point: Notes on the Tate website's "artist rooms" article about text and language in art. [accessed 30/03/17] History: first use of text in art Early 20th century Text in art reflected the emerging avant-garde movements of the time. Culturally, this period coincided with increased presence of printed work, increased sophistication in marketing/advertising. Words, letters… Continue reading Project 3: Place in Art