Project 1 – Looking for visual communication

Designing messages Visual communications are purpose-driven. Visual communications can be loosely grouped into several categories: Persuasive design Informative design Identity design Authorial content Interactive design Alternative messaging Exercise 1 - Identifying visual communications Examples of persuasive design Hillary Clinton for Democratic President of the USA The Hillary Clinton-endorsed video ad "Mirrors" [accessed 29/07/17] hoped… Continue reading Project 1 – Looking for visual communication

Project 1 – Looking for Visual Communications

If graphic design is about anything, it is about culture. (Barnard, cited via Downs in CAT p.109) Notes: Looking for visual communications Visual communications cover a vast range of practices and disciplines Technology is blurring the boundaries between disciplines; practitioners can mix and match a range of media, tools and approaches, and are often highly… Continue reading Project 1 – Looking for Visual Communications

Introduction to Visual Communications

Notes and initial reflection on Part Three - Visual Communications:  In 2013-14, I completed a certificate in Visual Communications at École Supérieur des Arts Modernes (ESAM). I was hoping to come away with a solid set of graphic design skills. Unfortunately, the course wasn't mature or thorough enough to afford me mastery in that domaine,… Continue reading Introduction to Visual Communications