Project 1 – The life cycle of textiles and materials

Exercise 1 - Sustainability Definition of sustainability: The ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level. As in ‘the sustainability of economic growth’; Avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance. As in ‘the pursuit of global environmental sustainability’. (Source:, accessed 18 Feb 2018) Thinking broadly, write a… Continue reading Project 1 – The life cycle of textiles and materials


Project 1 – The life cycle of textiles and materials

Notes: Research point: Defining the stages of textile product life cycle 1. Agriculture / raw fibre production : All textiles made of fibres differently arranged to create desired strength, durability, appearance and texture. Fiber types grouped into four broad categories: -Plant fibers : Contain cellulosic material, normally derived from cotton, linen, hemp or bamboo. Cotton… Continue reading Project 1 – The life cycle of textiles and materials

Introduction to Textiles

I'm really looking forward to this section; not only because it's the fifth (and LAST!) of five sections comprising my (now year-long) first OCA course, but because I am interested in fashion, textile design, and generally growing more informed as a consumer of textiles. I do expect this section of the course to represent the… Continue reading Introduction to Textiles

Part Four – Learning Outcomes

It's time again to review how the course learning outcomes are reflected in my work for the Photography section of this course. Can I demonstrate an awareness of a broad range of contemporary practice in the creative arts? The photography section was a great platform for exploring a range of contemporary art practices, precisely because… Continue reading Part Four – Learning Outcomes

Toyin Ojih Odutola at the Whitney Museum

I recently went to the Whitney Museum.  In about two hours, my husband and I walked through most of the gallery spaces, viewing (but not necessarily getting a full, focused experience of any of) the temporary and permanent collections. In a discreet gallery on the ground floor, there was an all-access (free) exhibition, To Wander… Continue reading Toyin Ojih Odutola at the Whitney Museum

Simone Shubuck at Wifey

Simone Shubuck's artwork [accessed 21 Jan 18] entered my visual universe thanks to a wonderful pop-up cafe / work space (at the time, it was called Wifey, part of a larger creative concept entirely Shubuck's design) I discovered around the time we moved to Brooklyn. Her initial collaboration with the space has terminated, so I no… Continue reading Simone Shubuck at Wifey

Project 3 – A sense of place

As the course content draws to an end, we are presented with the work of Bernd and Hilla Becher who create "photo grids" featuring the same object/subject photographed in a slightly different way. Interestingly, as the text points out, we're much more inclined to look closely at something when we're looking at multiples. I like… Continue reading Project 3 – A sense of place

Project 3 – A sense of place

Can a place exist in a state of perpetual change? [With reference to "Room Eight: Heterotopias and Non-places" (pages 172-3, Place)] This question makes me uncomfortable because I feel like the answer is so obvious: to me, all places exist in a state of perpetual change. How could it be otherwise? It seems cliche to… Continue reading Project 3 – A sense of place